Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are reddish brown, small, flat oval, bloodsucking insects that infest people’s resting and sitting areas. Adults that are up to 4.5mm long can be about the size and look of an apple seed. Bed bugs mostly feed at night while people are sleeping and inject an anticoagulant to prevent clotting. This causes welts, swelling, and itching on the skin. After the bed bug becomes engorged with blood, it hides nearby in cracks and crevices where it digests its meal over several days; then it searches out for another meal. Females can lay 50 to over 200 whitish eggs in clumps, at which they will hatch in 7-10 days. They can have about 3-4 generations per year. Adult bed bugs can live for months to a year.


Even good house keeping practices may not always help bed bugs from entering the home. They can enter the home by clothing, luggage, used furniture, or mattresses. Being around infested sites increases your chances of bringing bed bugs home or to work; hotels and motels can be sources of infestations. Always check in rooms and luggage before returning home. Some signs to look for are blood spots and droppings on mattresses. If you suspect that you were in contact with an infected area, the best precaution is to put your clothing in a dryer on high for 40 minutes.


Our pest services use an Integrated Pest Management program to educate, prevent, and remove pests with the highest quality of commercial products on the market. Removal of bed bugs requires a plan of preparing for treatment. Quarantining clothes in bags for sanitizing and storage needs to be done. With the use of contact residual chemicals and/or thermal heat treatment, the problem will be efficiently eradicated with a trained professional.


Thermal Heat treatment in bedrooms consists of raising the temperature above 122ºF for several hours which kills both the bugs and the eggs. Chemical treatment consists of using different chemical pesticides with different formulations like liquid, aerosol, and dust. Using both these treatments together is the most quickest and efficient way to exterminate all the bed bugs.


Incorrect use of pesticides for bed bugs (e.g. ridding the problem yourself or using unqualified people), can cause health issues, more pesticide use, and cause bed bugs to scatter to other areas. Therefore, it is recommended that residents call a qualified licensed exterminator.